We’ve hand picked these new arrivals and they are perfect for this time of the growing season. They are also absolutely beautiful. Come select the best of the best for you landscape. Oakleaf Nursery also offers full landscape services. So please ask about help with your new plantings and projects.



One of the very first shrubs to flower in late winter or early spring, the Lynwood Gold Forsythia bursts into glorious yellow bloom before any leaves are seen, and often while snow still lies in patches in the shade. This valuable plant is a medium-sized shrub growing to 6 to 9 feet tall and across. It is extremely tough, growing in clay soils, or any other soil and resisting harsh growing conditions such as are found in many cities. When planting a garden some shrubs are indispensable because they are both easy to grow and spectacular in flower – this plant is a definite must-have in every garden.

New arrival of beautiful Forsythia available at Oakleaf Nursery now!


Honeycrisp Apple Trees

The Honeycrisp apple trees were hybridized at the University of Minnesota and patented in 1988. This apple grafted cultivar is an excellent selection for Northern States. The fruit is colored bright red with random yellow marks near the stem. The Honeycrisp apple was developed with the primary focus on breeding a new fresh eating apple that has a tart flavor. This Honeycrisp apple is juicier than most other apples, due to its ultra inflated, thin cell walls that when bitten will flood the mouth with streams of sweet-tart juice. This apple is a popular store apple because of the long shelf life.

New arrival of beautiful Forsythia available at Oakleaf Nursery now!


Low Bush Blueberry

The wild low bush blueberry is also known as the Nova Scotian Provincial Blueberry. It's found growing in the wild in the northeastern United States and Central and Eastern Canada. Commercial growers manage the wild Low Bush Blueberry and harvest it in Maine, Massachusetts, and Canada. The commercial harvest has been known to reach over 100 millions of pounds in Canada alone.

New arrival of beautiful Low Bush Blueberrys available at Oakleaf Nursery now!

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